What is 3.11 Densho Road?

3.11 Densho Road refers to activities that use a network of disaster memorial facilities to conduct various initiatives and projects relating to disaster prevention, in order to learn the lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Many ruins and exhibition facilities in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake are available to learn the facts of the disaster and its lessons. The Disaster Memorial Network Council register ed these facilities as "disaster memorial facilities" and aims to form a network by developing maps and guide signs. Using these facilities and this network as a foundation, it conducts various initiatives and projects related to disaster prevention, disaster mitigation, and learning from and preparing for tsunamis.

Through these activities, we hope to improve awareness of disaster prevention, promote communication with many people across regions and national borders, and to help form a disaster-resistant society and revitalize the region.

What are "Disaster Memorial Facilities?"

These facilities convey the facts of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the 1essons learned from it, including the following

  • 1)Facilities for understanding lessons from the disaster
  • 2)Facilities that contribute to understanding disaster prevention and preparedness
  • 3)Facilities for understanding the horror of disasters and the fearsomeness of nature
  • 4)Facilities with historic or academic value related to disasters
  • 5)Other facilities that communicate the facts of the disaster and the lessons learned from it

Conditions for category selection

Category 1

Facilities to which one or more of the above apply.

Category 2

Category 2 includes facilities from Category 1 that are easy for people to visit, such as those with convenient access to public transport or with a paid or free parking lot in the vicinity.

Category 3

Includes facilities from Category 2 that particularly consider visitor's ease of understanding by, for example, providing tour guides or storytelling activities.